Our professionals worldwide have significant knowledge of both their areas of specialization and of their local markets. Integrating our individual expertise and services, we act and think as a team, strong with one purpose: to achieve our clients' goals.

Each separate service serves a purpose and is integral to delivering the appropriate solution for each client. Cost savings and resource conservation are the greatest assets your advisor can deliver. Beyond that, we can help you grow and advance in ways you may not have considered and identify or solidify proper paths of execution.

With a team approach, out-of-the-box thinking and innovative resources, we combine all of our talent, skills and tools to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Please select a specific Service according to your perspective as a client.

Investment Services

Our investment teams represent clients with every type of commercial property, expertly navigating the process of valuation and due diligence. >>

Leasing Services

Our clients range from institutions and pension fund advisors to private developers and individuals, all requiring superior market intelligence and custom solutions based on specific objectives. >>


Through are partnerships with Centerline Capital and C-III Capital we are able to provide our clients a full range of financing opportunities ranging from direct agency debt, CMBS products, and Mezzanine loans. >>

Asset Management Services

Through our NAI Tampa Bay Asset Management Services we practice an ever-evolving strategy of being flexible to the customization required for reporting procedures for asset, property or facilities management. >>

Receivership Services

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations, and add value to every asset and/or case we administer by constantly seeking creative, proactive, efficient, and productive solutions. >>